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National Team 

Limited national team matches are broadast live by the BBC Five Live. They tend to not carry away matches. Internet streams are usually only available within the UK.

For teams with free audio streams, we provide a link which will directly start the audio feed, or when this is not possible as close to the launch point as we can,

These direct links are reached by clicking the Listen Live icon (like the one to the right) in the section for each club.

Most lower division league teams and half the Premiership teams now run LPTV/Premium TV produced websites with the name "World" for which a fee is charged to access match commentary and many other features. (The audio feeds for all teams are provided to members of any club's World program).

They offer three packages. The basic plan provides full access to you chosen team's website for £34.99. The budget version for £19.99 provides just audio match commentary. You can listen to the broadcasts from any of the 80 teams involved in "World" programs regardless of which team's plan you subscribe to. A premium plan that provides full access to all 80 sites is available for £49.99. (Prices vary with seasonal promotions, and if you sign up prior to the start of the season are well disdounted)

The Servecast system (associated with Sky Sport and Planet Football) manages nine sites, seven in the Premier League. Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Everton, Tottenham Hotspur and "championship" league teams Sunderland and West Ham United.

Only one premier league team provide independent free feeds (Charlton and Fulham see below).

Premium TV, operators of the "World" sites, appear to be claiming ownership on streaming rights for all lower division team matches. Sunderland and Leeds United have remained available. The matches aired by the BBC seem to come and go, we haven't heard anything recently about the apparent streaming rights disputes.

Premier League

A majority of English Premier League matches are played Saturdays at 7AM PT (afternoon in England). Typically there is an early saturday match at 4:45 AM, another (beginning with the 2004-2005 season) at 9:15 AM. Usually there is at least one Sunday match at 8AM PT. Often others on Sunday, often one Monday match at Noon PT.

The ONLY team that is continuing to offer free streaming of match commentary is Charlton Athletic. Sirius satellite broadcasts will continue to carry about half the matches this season. Individual teams offer a variety of "pay to listen" programs, and many are tied together with "World" sites that will allow members of one site to listen to the broadcasts of other teams with "World" sites.

For each club, click on the team emblem to go to the club website.

Coverage is spotty for the FA Cup and The League Cup (known by many names - Milk Cup, Littlewoods Cup, Rumbalows Cup, Coca Cola Cup, Worthington Cup and now the Carling Cup)

Click to listen Today FM link, station in Ireland, occassionally streams a Saturday Afternoon match (7AM Pacific)
XM Satellite Radio carries the BBC World Service, which features weekend football coverage from 7AM to 10AM (Pacific time) on Saturdays, and Sundays from 9AM to 10AM. The main emphasis of the program is the English Premiership, usually with live commentary of the second half of a featured match each day. It is also possible to tune to these broadcasts on BBC Shortwave, but the broadcasts are not streamed to the internet. The broadcasts include the regular hourly BBC news.

Sirius is airing about half the matchs played on a typical weekend. The have been featuring the the early Saturday match (4:15 AM Pacific) and one of the 7:00 AM matches with commentary provided to the international market by TWI. They also carry the late Saturday (9:15 AM Pacific) matches, and most Sunday and midweek matches using BBC radio commentary. The broadcasts are almost always on Sirius Channel 127, occassionally on 126.
Click their logo for the matchups, times and channels.

News Radio 93.8 FM from Singapore carries live match commentary from the EPL, and have continued their internet streaming. They carry one of the matches played during the traditional match time, Saturday 7 AM (Pacific Time). The match coverage is apparently the same as that carried by Sirius Radio at that hour.
The Australian sports station, SEN, in Melbourne and Adelaide also carry the commentary or two of these matches each Saturday. (11:45 PM Melbourne time Saturday Nights).
We have received reports that these matches are streamed, although the site says:
"Due to LIVE English Premier League internet streaming rights, streaming is unavailable between 11:45pm Saturday and 4am Sunday"


Click here for club website


Arsenal charges for access to their own audio feed. To listen you must join the "Arsenal Plus" service. There are several 'tiers', the lowest of which is £45.00 per season. The audio commentary is not a stream of the London radio broadcasts of Capitol Gold Radio, but rather a new team put together by the club, descibed by Arsenal as "a totally biased commentary", and reported by several people as very inferior to the Capitol Gold team.

Capitol Gold airs the matches but does not stream them.

Aston Villa 

Click here for club website

Matches available from Villa World. Windows Media format.

Blackburn Rovers 

Click here for club website


Matches available from Rovers World. Windows Media format. From Radio Rovers.

Bolton Wanderers  

Click here for club website

Matches available from Wanderers World. Windows Media format. From Tower FM.


Click here for club website

Click to listen

We've heard most matches are broadcast on BBC London, this is yet to be confirmed.


Click here for club website


Everton now requires either pay per match or subscription to one of a variety of programs to hear live match commentary.found..."

Occasionaly you may find a live stream from RadioCity 96.7. Normally they stop their live steam at matchtime, they have been known to forget to do this. If you click the station's logo you will see a listen live link.



No streaming.


Click here for club website


To hear live Liverpool coverage one must pay for an "E-Ticket" and join the premium section of the sie. They provide match commentary (apparently produced just for these feeds), streamed in RealOne format, with an option for a stills slide show (they call it quasi-video).
They retain an archive E-Ticket members.

Manchester City 

Click here for club website


Match commentary is no longer available free direct from the team site. You must subscribe £3.99 a month or£20 a year.

Manchester United 

Click here for club website


Manchester United had a subscription to video streaming. While reports say "audio only" remains free of charge, we have not been able to find the link
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On rare occassion some cup ties have been heard on BBC Manchester. Most of them are embargoed from streaming, at least outside the UK.


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Matches available from Boro World. Windows Media format.

Newcastle United 

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Matches available from Newcastle World. Windows Media format.
You may be able to access matches from Metro Radio. Try their logo above. Usually their stream goes silent during matches, but the match has been found from time to time.

Some cup ties have been heard on BBC Newcastle.


Click here for club website

Matches available from Pompey World. Windows Media format. BBC Radio Solent.


Matches available from SAFC World.

Tottenham Hotspur 

Click here for club website

Click to listen
Most matches are broadcast on BBC London, even when they are not the station provides a webcast.. The Listen Live button should connect you to the broadcasts at matchtime, but give 'no file found' at other times. It is expected that all EPL and most other matches including friendlies will be available.

Match commentary is no longer available free direct from the team site. You must subscribe £3.99 a month or £30 a year.

West Ham  

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Click here for club website



The football league

(was Nationwide division one-three)
Click here for League WebsiteVirtually all teams below the Premiership are associated with PTV who manage their websites and make audio streaming of their match commentary available as part of "World" premium offerings.

Click the PTV logo to find team sites and more information about the World programs.

Radio-now provides their own set of links to team webcasts for all divisions

> When Wimbledon FC announced that it was moving to Milton Keanes many of their fans abandon them and helped form a new club, AFC Wimbledon. Click the team logo for some history and to navigate the official site. Radio WDON is a project dedicated to prividing live audio coverage of all home fixtures for the team.

BBC Radio

The BBC carries a variety of live matches. Click the logo to see what is available.

Click to listen

BBC Radio Five broadcasts almost every major sporting event in the country and had rights to carry most but not all of them online. With the 2004-2005 season Premiership matches will be available in the UK. Without trickery these streams are not available outside the UK. They do stream and broadcast cup ties including the League Cup. Their broadcasts of FA cup have not been streamed.
National Team matches are only occasionally streamed to the internet. If you click the station logo you will see a listing of upcoming sports broadcasts (primary Football, Rugby and Cricket) and an indication as to whether the broadcast will be available online. Click "Listen Live" to hear the internet stream.

Every Saturday during the season, Five Live carries sports live from 4:00 AM through until Noon, one highlight being "606", with Richard Littlejohn from 9AM to 11AM Pacific time. Listener call-ins from all divisions in the Football League and Premiership.

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Five Live Sports Extra is as a service for users of a variety of digital radio options, including Satellite delivered radio (but not over the air). Much of what the carry is also streamed to the internet, you can access their service by clicking their logo.

Click to listen

BBC Radio London covers London teams, with commentary that is sometimes available on the webcast, sometimes not because of internet rights.

They present a nightly football discussion show at 11:00 AM Pacific Monday thru Friday for one hour.

If the regular BBC London stream does not connect you to Charlton matches, try the button to the right.
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BBC Radio Nottingham now makes available an archive of each Monday's one hour "Match Talk" program which covers Nottingham Forest, Notts County and Mansfield Town as well as English football in general. Click their logo.

BBC Ulster carries Northern Ireland national team matches
World Football is a weekly news and interviews programme on the BBC World Service, presented by top BBC commentator Alan Green. If you click the logo you can find more information, and links to live feeds and one month of archives. The program airs on short wave, as well as various local stations worldwide, every Saturday morning as part of the BBC World Service.

Rock and Roll Football

Saturday morning at 6:00 AM Virgin Radio broadcasts this program, in which they interrupt the music when goals are scored in the Premier League. Regular Updates on all English divisions and the Scottish Premier League. Click the logo.

Talk Sport


Kickoff: 3 Hours talk show every Weekdays, 11AM Pacific Time.
Once a week, usually on Monday, the focus is Europe outside the UK where pundits focus on Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Champions League, UEFA Cup and World Cup 2002. (When live events pre-empt, they usually move theme to Tuesday). On Thursday the focus is English Divisions One, Two and Three as well as the Conference.
On Saturday their in depth coverage runs 4AM through Noon, with constant well done updates from all over the country. Sundays from 6AM through Noon they cover any Sunday fixtures with more Europe coverage. Streamed in Windows Media format (they no longer use Abacast per to peer technology.)

Associated with Sky Sports.

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Since dropping the word "Capitol" from their name, the UK Broadcaster "Gold" (aka mygoldmusic) seems to have greatly reduced their sports coverage.

They have aired Arsenal matches in the pasts along with selected football league matches. We have not yet received definitive information on their new schedule.

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UK Radio Stations broadcasting on the Internet - All formats.